Frequently Asked Questions

What's Home Dock?
Home Dock is Australia’s leading online marketplace for building materials and products. We are a one stop solution for all construction needs. Here you can search, compare and purchase products from a vast range of Australia's local stores.
Why choose Home Dock?
With Home Dock, you can simplify your large or small projects by selecting the best building material/product at the right price, getting a customized solution for your ideas, and hiring verified service providers.
Who is selling at Home Dock?
Our community is built with trusted and highly recommended local stores. These stores have been serving the local community for years and provided excellent products and customer service to local customers. Home Dock provides an active online platform for them to extend their business.
How do I look for something I need?
You can browse through a particular product category or just simply type in a product name into the search bar.
Is purchasing on Home Dock completely free?
Absolutely, you purchase the products off the store directly. We thrive to provide a free platform to connect you and thousands of stores. we are here to help, provide guidance and support, and most importantly we are free.
Can I visit the store to see the actual product and find more information?
Absolutely, all of our partner stores are determined to provide excellent customer service to you, feel free to contact them via email, phone or visit in person.
Can I order a custom made product?
Most of our partner stores provide custom solution to your project need, feel free to contact them and find out more.
Where can I find shipping / local pickup information?
Shipping information varies from stores, please find information in store profile page or contact store directly.
What's the return and refund policy?
Return and refund policy varies from stores, please find information in store profile page or contact store directly.
What exactly happens after ordering?
You will receive confirmation email after ordering, the store will contact you if more information is required.
Do I receive an invoice for my order?
Yes, you will receive an invoice via email.
How secure is shopping at Home Dock? Is my data protected?
Absolutely, online security is number 1 priority at Home Dock, your personal information is safe and protected.